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Getting Started

A referral for Ketamine treatment is not always necessary. At AKTARI we begin by determining whether or not Ketamine Infusions will be effective for you. It is our experience that most patients who have treatment at our Ketamine clinic will have a good response to therapy. You will initially be sent a “Welcome Packet” to complete.

Self Referral

You do not need a psychiatrist or medical practitioner referral to have Ketamine treatment at AKTARI. Simply reach out to us on our Contact Us page, or by calling (480) 626–2727. Our staff will send you registration forms and a symptom survey form (or you can download-CLICK HERE). They will schedule a screening appointment with our medical director Dr. Patino, who will determine how effective Ketamine therapy will be for you, and our board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Crooks will calculate your most effective dose of Ketamine. If you qualify for treatment, our office staff will also schedule your first Ketamine treatment appointment at AKTARI.

Psychiatrist Referral

If you were referred by a psychiatrist, there will be no need for a screening visit at Dr. Patino’s office – our staff will schedule an immediate treatment appointment for you. Your provider will send a referral for Ketamine treatment (download referral form-CLICK HERE). They will also have a copy of your pertinent medical records sent to our office. A periodic review of your response to the Ketamine therapy will be sent to your psychiatrist.

Psychologist or Primary Care Referral

If you were referred by a psychologist, primary care physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or mental health therapist, then our Ketamine clinic staff will arrange a quick screening evaluation with our Medical Director, Dr. Patino. Our staff will have a copy of your pertinent medical records sent to our office for review, and will schedule your first Ketamine treatment appointment.

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